Greater Amberjack [Kanpachi]


Japanese Name and Pronunciation:

kanpachi in Japanese


Greater amberjack, also known as “Kanpachi,” belongs to the same yellowtail family as Yellowtail also known as “Buri,” and Yellowtail amberjack, also known as “Hiramasa,” but it is a distinct species. To differentiate Kanpachi from the others, there are several visual cues. When viewed from above, Kanpachi has a prominent kanji character “八” (eight) pattern on its head, and its body has a yellowish hue. Additionally, the position of the eyes is different from Hiramasa and Buri. The eyes of Kanpachi are located above the line connecting the tip of the upper jaw and the center of the tail fin.

Kanpachi is a highly prized fish with a relatively lower catch volume in Japanese coastal waters compared to Buri and Hiramasa. It is considered a premium ingredient due to its exceptional taste. The peak season for Kanpachi is during autumn to winter. The flesh is firm and well-textured, with a good amount of fat. It can be enjoyed in various ways such as sashimi, sushi, shabu-shabu (hot pot), teriyaki, and grilled with salt.

Kanpachi holds a special place in Japanese cuisine due to its limited availability and exquisite flavor. Its rarity and culinary appeal contribute to its reputation as a high-quality ingredient, sought after by discerning seafood enthusiasts.

Greater Amberjack Sushi [Kanpachi]
Greater Amberjack Sushi [Kanpachi]