Barracuda [Kamasu]


Japanese Name and Pronunciation:

kamasu in Japanese


Kamasu, known as barracuda in English, is a popular fish found in Japanese waters and holds a significant place in Japanese cuisine. It is a saltwater fish known for its long, slender body, sharp teeth, and silver-colored skin.

Kamasu has two peak seasons during late spring and autumn. There are two types available: “Yamatokamasu,” which starts appearing around the end of May, and “Akakamasu,” which becomes available around November. Kamasu is a species of fish from the southern regions and is caught in various locations throughout Japan, specifically in areas south of the Kanto region.

For fresh and high-quality Kamasu, it is recommended to enjoy it as sashimi. However, Yamatokamasu, with its tender flesh and high moisture content, may not be the best choice for sashimi. Instead, lightly marinating it in vinegar or searing it can make it delicious for sushi toppings.

One of the most popular ways to enjoy Kamasu is through salt-grilling, especially the seasonal Akakamasu’s salt-grilled dish, which is truly exquisite. Additionally, Kamasu is commonly enjoyed as dried fish (himono).

Seared Barracuda Sushi [Kamasu no Aburi]
Seared Barracuda Sushi [Kamasu no Aburi]