Rosy Seabass [Nodoguro]


Japanese Name and Pronunciation:

nodoguro in Japanese


In Japanese cuisine, “Nodoguro” refers to the Blackthroat Seaperch or Rosy Seabass, a highly prized fish known for its exquisite taste and texture.

The formal name for Nodoguro in Japan is “Akamutsu”; however, it is referred to as “Nodoguro” on the Japan Sea side. Due to its abundance in the Japan Sea region, it is widely known and recognized across the country as “Nodoguro.”

Nodoguro is a deep-sea fish found along the Pacific and Japan Sea coasts throughout Japan, with particularly abundant catches on the Japan Sea side. It inhabits rocky areas and coastal regions with strong currents.

Nodoguro is often said to be in season during the autumn to winter months, and it is commonly believed that larger-sized Nodoguro have better fat content and are considered more delicious.

Nodoguro is appreciated for its tender, fatty flesh, and it is often described as having a delicate and rich taste. The fish’s skin has a stunning black color, and its distinctive markings give it a unique and striking appearance.

In Japanese cuisine, Nodoguro is prepared in various ways, including sushi, sashimi, grilling, simmering, and steaming. Due to its delicious taste and high demand, Nodoguro is considered a high-end fish in Japanese cuisine, often featured in upscale seafood restaurants and traditional kaiseki (multi-course) dining experiences.

Seared Rosy Seabass Sushi [Nodoguro no Aburi]
Seared Rosy Seabass Sushi [Nodoguro no Aburi]