Seared Barracuda Sushi [Kamasu no Aburi]

kamasu aburi sushi

Japanese Name and Pronunciation:

kamasu aburi sushi in Japanese

[kamasu no aburi]

Kamasu, known as barracuda in English, is a popular fish found in Japanese waters.

Kamasu no Aburi Nigiri is a delectable and flavorful type of Nigiri Sushi featuring Japanese barracuda that has been lightly seared. This sushi preparation adds a delightful smoky taste to the already delicious fish, enhancing its flavor and texture.

To create Kamasu no Aburi Nigiri, skilled sushi chefs start by selecting fresh and high-quality Kamasu. The fish is filleted and sliced into bite-sized pieces, thinly and uniformly. These slices are then lightly sprinkled with salt on the skin side and left to rest for a short while. This process helps to suppress any fishy odor.

Next, the chef uses a torch or a high-temperature grill to lightly sear the skin side of the fish. The brief searing imparts a smoky aroma reminiscent of smoked flavors, arousing the appetite, while ensuring the fish’s inner layers remain tender and juicy.

Kamasu no Aburi Nigiri presents a harmonious fusion of textures and tastes, with the seared outer layer providing a delightful contrast to the tender fish and vinegared rice. It is a popular choice among sushi aficionados who appreciate a more intricate and elevated sushi experience.

This unique preparation highlights the inherent umami flavors of Kamasu while incorporating the alluring smokiness from the searing process. It exemplifies the artistry of Japanese sushi-making, where precision and attention to detail result in a truly unforgettable dining experience.

Ingredients for This Dish

Barracuda [Kamasu]
White Rice
Pure Rice Vinegar [Junmai-su]
Soy Sauce [Shoyu]
cooking sake
Cooking Sake