Marbled Rockfish [Kasago]


Japanese Name and Pronunciation:

kasago in Japanese


Kasago, known as “marbled rockfish” in English, is a type of fish commonly found in Japanese waters. It belongs to the Scorpaenidae family and is known for its delicious, delicate flavor. The fish has a reddish-brown color with distinctive patterns and spines, which makes it easily recognizable.

Kasago is a seasonal fish, and its peak season in Japan typically runs from late summer to early winter. During this time, the fish is at its best in terms of taste and quality.

Kasago, except in Okinawa, is found in a wide range of seas around Japan. However, due to the difficulty of catching them in large quantities, the distribution volume is limited, and in recent years, they have been traded at high prices.

One of the most common dishes made with Kasago is “Nitsuke” or simmered dish. The moderately fatty white flesh of Kasago pairs perfectly with the slightly sweet and savory flavors of the simmering sauce. Apart from Nitsuke, Kasago is also enjoyed in other preparations such as “Shioyaki” or salt-grilled, “Karaage” or deep-fried, and as “Sashimi” or thinly sliced raw fish.

Marbled Rockfish Sushi [Kasago]
Marbled Rockfish Sushi [Kasago]