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Sweet Shrimp [Amaebi]


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Amaebi, also known as sweet shrimp or spot prawn, is a prized and delectable seafood in Japanese culinary culture. This particular type of shrimp is known for its delicate sweetness and tender texture, making it a highly sought-after delicacy among sushi enthusiasts and seafood lovers.

In Japan, “Amaebi” is a colloquial name and not the formal term for this type of shrimp. The correct and official name is “Hokkoku Akaebi.” Amaebi is not only found in Hokkaido but also in other regions along the central Japan Sea, such as Ishikawa and Niigata prefectures.

The peak season for Amaebi varies depending on the region. In Hokkaido, it is from March to May, while in the central Japan Sea region, it is from September to February. During this time, the sweet shrimp is at its freshest and most flavorful, delighting diners with its delightful taste and inviting aroma.

Amaebi is highly esteemed for its delicate sweetness and tender texture, making it a sought-after delicacy in Japanese cuisine. It is frequently enjoyed as nigiri sushi, where a small raw shrimp is placed on top of vinegared sushi rice. To enhance the natural sweetness, it is often served with a touch of wasabi and a light dipping of soy sauce.

Apart from nigiri sushi, amaebi is also savored as sashimi. Its sweet flavor and succulent texture are showcased in this simple yet exquisite preparation.

Sweet Shrimp Sushi [Amaebi]
Sweet Shrimp Sushi [Amaebi]