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Japanese Tiger Prawn [Kuruma-Ebi]


Japanese Name and Pronunciation:

kurumaebi in Japanese


In Japanese cuisine, “kuruma-ebi,” also known as Japanese tiger prawn, holds a special place as a cherished seafood delicacy.

Kuruma-ebi is a type of large shrimp native to Japanese coastal waters. It is highly regarded for its sweet, succulent, and flavorful meat, making it a prized ingredient in various Japanese dishes. The name “kuruma-ebi” comes from its resemblance to traditional Japanese carts (kuruma) due to the shape of its curved body.

In terms of taste, kuruma-ebi is notably sweeter and more tender than many other shrimp species. This delectable sweetness is best showcased when the shrimp is enjoyed in its freshest form.

The natural, wild-caught kuruma-ebi is said to be in season from June to August, while the farmed variety is considered in season from December to February. However, the truth is that wild-caught kuruma-ebi is delicious also in winter.

As for production regions, kuruma-ebi is caught in various coastal areas around Japan. Some of the well-known regions for harvesting kuruma-ebi include Aichi Prefecture, Ehime Prefecture, and Oita Prefecture.

In Japanese cuisine, kuruma-ebi is prepared and enjoyed in various ways. It is often showcased as a prominent ingredient in sushi, sashimi (thinly sliced raw seafood), tempura (deep-fried), or grilled dishes. The versatility of kuruma-ebi makes it a highly sought-after delicacy, and its sweet flavor and delightful texture continue to captivate the palates of both locals and visitors to Japan.

Japanese Tiger Prawn Sushi [Kuruma-Ebi]
Japanese Tiger Prawn Sushi [Kuruma-Ebi]