Festive Red Rice [Sekihan]

festive red rice

Japanese Name and Pronunciation:

sekihan in Japanese


Festive red rice, known as “Sekihan” in Japanese, is a special type of glutinous rice that is dyed red by adding ingredients like adzuki beans.

Its history traces back approximately 2,500 years when red rice was the original color of rice in Japan. Ancient people offered this red rice to the gods and reserved it for festive occasions. This tradition has been passed down to the present day. Even though red rice is rarely cultivated nowadays, whenever there is a joyous occasion, red rice, made by dyeing glutinous rice with adzuki beans or other ingredients, is prepared.

Red rice holds cultural significance and is believed to bring good luck and prosperity. It is deeply associated with celebrations and special events. The original red color of rice has been replicated by using adzuki beans as a substitute. The addition of adzuki beans not only dyes the rice red but also imparts a unique flavor and texture.

Enjoying Festive red rice, is a cherished custom that connects us to ancient times and carries the spirit of celebration. Whether served on its own or as part of a festive feast, red rice continues to be a symbol of joy, tradition, and the rich heritage of Japanese cuisine.

Ingredients for This Dish

Glutinous Rice
Adzuki Bean
cooking sake
Cooking Sake
Black Sesame
Black Sesame